Eliminate the Weight of Your On-Premise System

– Eliminate capital costs by eliminating your data center and associated maintenance costs
– Create an elastic environment that can scale up and down on demand
– Reallocate infrastructure resources to tasks that add more value
– No loss of functionality and no user impact; your software remains the same
– Manage IT impact of business restructuring (M&A)
– Maintain your existing ERP investment.
– Seamless transition with minimal disruption

Common questions decision makers have around the cloud

– What are the real benefits to operating in the cloud?
– What if I don’t have the IT skillset or tool sets to move to the cloud?
– How will moving to a cloud environment impact my profits and resources?
– What about my surrounding applications? How can I take a holistic approach?
– What does implementation look like?
– How can I monitor and control my IT environment on the cloud?
– How many vendors do I need?
– Who will manage my system after it’s in the cloud?
– What do I do about existing hardware contracts?
– How do I handle a hybrid IT strategy?


• Rapidly respond to changing business needs
• Increase visibility and control
• Remove data and communication siloes
• Gain access to more data to better predict outcomes


• Remove the risk of mismanagement and misconfiguration
• Quickly assess security compliance posture
• Create audit trails to prove compliance
• Be ready for any disaster


• Eliminate capital costs
• Reduce operational costs
• Scale solutions up or down as needed
• Free up resources for more important, innovation driven projects