Full support with data recovery and restoration, monitoring and management, replications and synchronization, and audit, testing, and validation.

Denovo is Dedicated to Delivering Solutions for the needs of your business.

With Denovo, you will receive:

  • Provide security services focused on prevention, mitigation, and recovery
  • Manage perimeter / network security, firewall systems, and network intrusion detection systems
  • Provide and manage vulnerability scanning of server instances and critical perimeter infrastructure including firewalls, routers, proxy and load balancers using standard operating procedures
  • Provide host-based intrusion prevention and detection for Internet facing server instances
  • Provide and manage system anti-virus and malicious code prevention for all Microsoft Windows server instances
  • Provide and manage host-based intrusion prevention and intrusion detection for all Linux / Unix server instances.
  • Provide and manage internal vulnerability scanning of server instances using standard operating procedures.
  • Vulnerability scanning is performed continuously, consistent with the capabilities of the chosen service
  • Provide security monitoring and continuous improvement using security related logs from firewalls, routers, intrusion detection, logs, and events

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