Our patented technology, Denovo Quick Calculators, uses industry best practices while bypassing hundreds of hours of technical work in one click. It is a comprehensive software development architecture that enables authorized users to create, test, share, manage, and execute “on-the-fly” mathematical formulas without writing custom code or relying on IT for assistance.

Denovo Quick Calculators works in tandem with the Enterprise Resource Planning Solution already in place. Working together, Real Estate customers can reduce the time and effort required to achieve day-to-day routine and periodic tenant customer service and billing processes, including all the complex ones related to unique internal requirements or best industry practices.

  • Flexible, Utility, Joint Venture and Interest Billing
  • Tenant and Lease Management
  • Sales Commission
  • Sales Overage and Percent Rent Billing
  • Expense Participation (EP)
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and Annual Reconciliation
  • Escalations and Consumer Price Index (CPI) Management
  • Property Tax and Insurance Management
  • Late Fee Management
  • Debt Management and Revenue Recognition
  • Lease Copy Management

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