Denovo will provide workstation / desktop management, incident responses, requests for installations, diagnostics, and support with system upgrades and automation tools.

Denovo is Dedicated to Delivering Solutions for the needs of your business.

With Denovo, you will receive:

  • Provide workstation and / or desktop management, monitoring, patching, and imaging
  • Timely response to incidents and service requests related to workstation and desktop services
  • Address customer requests for installation, configuration, test, maintenance of workstation / desktop hardware and software components
  • Analyze and troubleshoot workstation / desktop hardware and software issues
  • Perform root cause analysis of equipment problems and provide effective diagnosis
  • Maintain documentation of customer standards, issues, and appropriate resolutions
  • Provide support to Customer in system upgrades, installing workstations, and other office automation tools
  • Monitoring of workstations and desktop computers includes basic device health and hygiene, including monitoring the presence and currency of endpoint detection software and services
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