Ask Denovo - UX One Series Part IV: UX One Cross Reference

A UX One Page is a beautiful bundle of UDO's. Oracle has a list of ALL the UX One UDO's in an Excel spreadsheet. This is a link to Document 2227250.1 which has this most recent Excel file you can download. (If you don't have access to My Oracle Support, let us know and we can email the Excel file directly to you.) This Excel file contains three sheets - an "Instructions" sheet, a "UX One XREF" sheet, and a "UX One Components" sheet which lists all the UDO building blocks which make the UX One Pages. 

Each of these components needs some security work to get them to show for your Roles. The Composite Page ID, UDO/Springboard ID, and the Query components (columns F, H, and M) are secured via P98220U, the UDO Administration screen as they are all UDO objects. The Application ID and Base Application ID (columns J and L) are secured via the Security Workbench as they are JDE applications.

To use this Excel document, double-click on a role's Grand Total column I number. For example, on the AP Manager role, you'll see the full list of objects open in a new Sheet, 41 rows of objects, and their linked/related UDO's. Notice line 3

This is the P042022X/W042022XE, the application/form that was mentioned in Part II of this series. You'll see the line shows the Queries you can also reserve and fix to fit your business data. 

Let us know about your UX One story. We'd love to share it with the "Ask Denovo" community!

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