Top 10 JDE Tips and Tricks

Recently Denovo's own Carin Wagner, Senior Practice Director of PMO/Quality, hosted an informative web session around her favorite tricks to help maximize your JD Edwards investment. 

In her session, Carin discusses:

  • Decustomizer
    • Identifies customizations in your system that can be replaced with UDOs
  • Taking control of row and form exists
    • Utilizing "Personalize Exits" to show only those relevant to your business
  • Adding State to On-Line Depreciation
    • A prime example of using form extension to pull a field from the business view into your current screen without customization.
  • Execution Detail Research Tool
    • A tool on every report that is run that gives very valuable information including audit info
  • Rearrange Address Book
    • Using personalization to move information from one tab to another to consolidate the information you need, (in this example, your full address book) all into one single page.
  • Using Helpful Function Keys
    • F2 (when inside a field) opens Visual Assist. F12 allows to "jump" between selections.
  • Attachment Templates
    • underrated and underused, they offer the ability to "embed" form-type information that will print, unlike file attachments.
  • Changing Column Headings
    • Category Code Column Headings can be edited using Grid Format
  • Favorite Exits
    • Enable Simplified Row/Form Exits in preferences to create your own Row and Form "Favorites"
  • New "Learn JDE" Link
    • Under Resources, this tool offers access to a plethora of educational Oracle resources on all things JDE.

Carin will be providing additional Tips and Tricks in coming sessions, Be sure to stay tuned so you don't miss out!