Ask Denovo - Tips & Tricks: OMWWeb for UDOs

Welcome to 2023 and the year's first entry into our blog series: Ask Denovo! 

A couple of months ago, San Jose Water reached out with some great questions regarding Composed Pages and how to get them promoted up to PD. They had been given some training during an upgrade, but they were wanting a refresher. I've had developers tell me all the wonderful things you can do in OMWWeb - which is great - but as a functional user of JDE, I prefer the easiest and quickest way to handle more technical aspects of the "citizen developer." Here, I provide a simple video walkthrough showing the tried and true steps in OMWWeb to get your newly created UDO's from DV up to PY in the least amount of clicks that I have found.

HubSpot Video

Do you have a better approach with fewer clicks? Let us know!

We at Denovo want you to get the most out of your Oracle investment, and we hope this series will help with that.

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