Ask Denovo - Tips & Tricks - Leaving Fields Blank

There are some fields in the accounting screens that are best left blank when you're trying to add new transactions. Here are a couple examples where leaving a field blank will actually work better than if you pre-populated:

1. Recently while working with a client in Connecticut, the AP Manager was having difficulty pulling in vouchers into a Manual Payment with Voucher Match. She typed in the amount of the Payment in the header area, THEN clicked on Form -> Pay Items. Some of the vouchers that she brought in had credits, but they didn't pull in properly. By leaving the Payment Amount blank, then pulling in all Pay Items, ALL the vouchers showed up properly with Payment Amounts in the grid, and JDE automatically added up all the payments and populated Payment Amount on its own.

2. During Voucher Match, leaving the Gross Amount blank and pulling in the matched Receipts, Orders, Freight, or Retainage lines necessary will automatically update the Gross Amount in the header with all the amounts pulled into the grid. 

In both examples, you still need to do your due diligence to ensure the automatically updated Amounts in the headers are correct. But you already knew that. 

If you have another example of leaving some fields blank as an added benefit to JDE usability, let us know!  We will put it into a future posting!


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