Ask Denovo - Tips & Tricks - Creating Row/Form Favorites

There are some applications in JDE with VERY long Row and/or Form exit lists. Some even require scrolling down depending on your screen's resolution! For Row or Form exits you use most frequently, you can drag/drop them from where they are down in the list UP to the word "Favorites" in the Row exit or Form exit itself. This way the ones you use most will be in the top Favorites area. And if you need to remove it from the Row/Form Favorites, simply click/drag/drop back down under the Row / Form area itself. The key to success is to only let go when your cursor turns into a little hand, like this:

image 1

And you see the “bar” of the option like this before you drop:

image 2

Click/drag/drop Who’s Who, for example, onto the word Favorites. The screen will blink, then when you click Row again, you’ll see Who’s Who under the Favorites like this:

image 3-1

To remove, click/drag/drop back down to the Row area. 

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