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No, this isn't a new movie coming to theaters near you. The Decustomizer Analysis Report shows you which existing customized base object changes have customization types that could be replaced by a UDO.

 It compares a PD (or PY or DV) environment against Pristine. Below is an example page from the Decustomizer Analyser report. Decustomizer Blog Screenshot

All of the Customization Types listed for this application/form P03B505/W03B305C can be resolved with the Form Extension UDO. The best part of UDOs is they are their own web objects "overlaid" on the base applications. They do not require retrofitting nor do they get removed during future application updates.

NOTE: If customizations have any Event Rules surrounding added BSVW columns or added Form fields, retrofitting would still be required.

As an example, Sunrise Medical's JDE Upgrade Team decided to make the transition to using UDOs for their customizations instead of retrofitting alone. The development team on the Sunrise Medical upgrade project is focused on retrofitting code only where a UDO can't perform the change. This will position Sunrise Medical to greatly shorten their future Code Current retrofit activities.

The best part? You don't have to wait to upgrade to take advantage of this tool. If you're on Release or later and have a Pristine environment, you have it! Utilize the Decustomizer tool at any time to see what customizations you can potentially replace. To learn more, visit the JDE Guide Overview of the objects and how it works.


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