Ask Denovo - Release 24 - Location Holds are Here!

Item holds could only be done at an item/location/lot level before Release 24. Now you can put an entire Location on hold instead of going one item at a time in that Location! Oracle has added the same Hold Code UDC to the Location table, adding a Special Handling Code to the types of allowable transactions for each hold code. This is the P4100 with four of the locations on a newly-added Hold Code in 41/LS:

(Click image to enlarge)

In this screenshot you can see the Hold Code 'X', for example, in the UDC shows Special Handling Code of 3 which does not allow incoming or outgoing transactions. 'Q' only allows inventory movement because the UDC Special Handling is coded with 4. Oracle also made sure that the coding across the system honors the Location Holds first, before Lot-level holds.  

To make inquiries even easier, Oracle also updated the Availability screens to reflect these holds with grayed out Availability:

(Click image to enlarge)

Let us know if you're interested in upgrading to Release 24 to take advantage of this long-awaited inventory management improvement!

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