JD Edwards Release

Oracle recently announced JD Edwards at INFOCUS Envision and the extension of support for JD Edwards to 2032. This release is full of enhancements and functionality that are key for your end-users and maintaining compliance. Mike Gibson, Denovo's EVP of Consulting Services, has a quick video with the highlights.

Big impact areas include Digital Transformation, User Experience, and System Automation. Other improvements focused on Requirement Planning, Order Management, Cloud Integration, and HCM. We provide a quick summary of the bigger changes below. However, if you would like to learn more about the impact on your particular process or system, one of our JDE experts would be happy to discuss this with you.

In general, we found this to be a meaningful update to the applications, both technical and functional improvements. Oracle continues to invest in JD Edwards at a pace consistent with the maturity level of functionality already resident in the applications. The tools upgrade concludes significant improvements in the nimbleness of how the applications are architected and the conclusive moves required to run a 64-bit architecture.

These new technical improvements and the new functionality can be added “automatically” with no additional cost if they subscribe to Denovo Application Lifecycle Management. More on that here.

For the application side of release, highlights include:

  • Procurement
    • Cancel date flexibility
    • Lot Control for Purchase Transfer Order
    • POG Requested Date based on Work Day Calendar
    • Simplified Posting of G/L Batch
  • Manufacturing
    • Work Order BOM and Routing Type default selection
    • Error Message to Prevent Obsolete Item on BOM or ECO Parts List
    • Scrap management on Work Order Completion
    • Inbound interoperability on Work Orders
  • Inventory
    • Quantity on-hand visible on Item Availability by Location form
    • Approved Lot Status Code for Non-Blank
  • Finance
    • Data Quality for Invoices, Receipts, and Draft bug fix
    • Joint Venture Management
  • Contract and Service Billing
    • Allow zero-dollar invoices in AR for zero billable contracts and service orders (don’t know impact)
  • Quality
    • Management of Serial Number for Lot Process type 5 or 6

From a Tools perspective, release impacted:

  • Digital Transformation
    • Select multiple rows in a form request
    • Array variables for External REST calls
    • Update to UDO Workbench to review Orchestration Dependencies.
      • Before, UDO’s used by an Orchestration could only be identified by opening the Orchestrator Studio. Now, these Orchestration Dependencies can be reviewed in the P98220U UDO Workbench
      • Extend EnterpriseOne User Session to Externally Hosted Web Applications. This improvement now allows Oracle and 3rd party web applications to be configured and placed into EnterpriseOne Pages
  • User Experience
    • Form Extension – Add an associated description to the Edit Control on a Form
      • Many applications show a UDC value but not a description of that UDC
      • Form Extensions now can associate the description of the UDC on the glass, no longer requiring customization of the application
  • System Automation
    • Default Browser for Web Dev Client
      • Development Clients have always required Internet Explorer. Now other certified client browsers can be used
      • Enhanced Browser Support for Media Objects. Many customers relied on ActiveX on Internet Explorer to gain more robust Media Object options. This newest release enables this functionality in the other certified browsers without the ActiveX requirement

Also, a quick reminder of past enhancements that continue to be worth mentioning, such as:

  • 64-bit processing is the preferred processor
  • Development Database no longer needs to be local (as of
  • With release 9.2.5, Windows 2019 was supported for the Deployment Server (Windows 2019 certified for all E1 servers)

We are excited about the continued investment that Oracle is applying to improve JD Edwards now and in the future. As you examine this release, past releases, and those to come, keep in mind how implementing new releases impact the business and your end-users. By staying on the most current version of the release, you can ensure your organization reduces risk while enhancing your user's efficiency.

Stay current on JD Edwards with Denovo's Application Life Cycle Management service offering. Hear how a few of our customers are using ALM services to stay current and the impacts on their business.