JD Edwards Functional Enhancement Deep Dive


Denovo's Mike Gibson shared highlights from Oracle's recent announcement of JD Edwards Today Susan Szymanski, VP, Senior Solution Architect for Denovo, will dive into the functional enhancements of this release. One point of note -  while these enhancements were released in conjunction with the tools release, they are not dependent on the tools release.


  • Requirement Planning
    The safety stock is now displayed on the time series header for sales order management within requirements planning.
  • Order Management
    We now have a summary of the extended amount displayed in the sales order entry
  • HCM
    We have the updated form for the 1099 NEC
  • Procurement
    • You can now set a processing option to either use the system date as the cancel date, or you can retain the prepopulated cancel date that's in the purchase order header.
    • With Lot Control for Purchase Transfer Orders, if you're not using lot control when you do a ship, confirm the lot numbers are automatically cleared for transfer.
    • In the Purchase Order Generator, if you have a requested date modification where the requested date is a non-working date, the date will automatically be moved to the next working day.
    • With the Simplified Posting of G/L Batch, you no longer have to confirm the posting within the printer selection form.
  • Manufacturing
    • The Work Order BOM and Routing Type can now be defined based on a new processing option.
    • There is now an Error Message to Prevent Obsolete Item on BOM or ECO Parts List.
    • For Scrap management on Work Order Completion, there is a new processing option to determine whether scrap quantities should be included when determining if a work order is complete.
    • New Inbound interoperability for Work Orders. In the past, we've always had an outbound for work orders; now, we have inbound.
  • Inventory
    • The Quantity on-hand is now visible on the Item Availability by Location form.
    • Approved Lot Status Code for Non-Blank; previously, only a blank status code was considered approved.
  •  Finance
    A bug fix was implemented to enhance Data Quality for Invoices, Receipts, and Draft. This fix ensures that two applications cannot update data at the same time.
  • Contract and Service Billing
    It will now allow for zero-dollar invoices in AR for zero billable contracts and service orders.

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