Ask Denovo - INFOCUS Info and 1099 Upcoming Webinar

Welcome back to our blog series: Ask Denovo! 

InFocus: I was speaking with a client last Thursday, and they asked if I knew about Release 23 yet. I did share the content Oracle has shared (and is provided in past postings here), and I told them about INFOCUS which was just wrapping up at the time. As they are not Quest members, they asked me if there was anything interesting covered, and I was able to share with them a few highlights I heard about. (Granted it's tough to pick just a few highlights from an event with 200+ educational sessions!) One thing is certain: Oracle is absolutely investing in JDE! And the JDE community is very active and passionate about not just what's to come in Release 23 but about functionality they've adopted that already exists in JDE which they were excited to share with other JDE users.

  • Release 23 deeper dive. There was more presented and shared than the short "tours" previously provided. More Intuitive Interfaces than just Address Book Map, Orchestrations in Workflows and E1Pages, AP Automation improvements, Warehouse Management improvements, Low Code / No Code, etc.
  • Continuous Adoption continues to be a hot topic - how to keep code current. This ties into the UDO conversation to lessen your existing customized objects requiring Retrofitting.
  • Orchestrator, Orchestrator, Orchestrator! So many companies are taking advantage of the Orchestrator features to reduce their existing customizations or to add Orchestrations to create process improvements which didn't exist before. 

    1099 and W2 season is almost upon us! Oracle has an upcoming 1099 webinar on November 16th which you can register for now!

We at Denovo want you to get the most out of your Oracle investment, and we hope this series will help with that.

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