Ask Denovo - How Is Your Menu Health?

This week's post is all about menus!  Here is a list of situations we've seen which leave both IT and end users frustrated: 

Scenario 1: If your company has been on JDE for many years, it is not uncommon to have your Navigator (menu tree) be updated directly in PD with changes requested by end users. When this is done, it makes it difficult to ask a user to do a test of something in PY if the menus don't match.

SOLUTION:  The Task menus are in the F9000 and F9001 tables.  Your IT Team can do a one-time copy of these tables from PD down to PY and DV. Then best practices can be followed to make menu changes in DV and promote up through PY and PD.

Scenario 2:
Most companies do their menu changes in DV and then promote up through PY and PD with just one Task and Task Relationship in a project by itself. This is very time-consuming as it requires each Task and Relationship record to be moved into a project one object at a time.

SOLUTION:  Setup a single project with the Task View (parent) in the project (Denovo is putting together a short video which will be posted in a future week). NOTE: This will only work if you already follow menu edits and promotion practices as noted in Scenario 1 above.  

Scenario 3:
 Many companies still have the JDE defaulting prefix of "JDE" on their tasks. Sometimes this can cause what can only be called a "disappearing act" when a next numbered "JDE" task already exists via an upgrade.  

SOLUTION:  Did you know P9000 has processing options? You can set the prefix to be your company's ticker symbol or 3-letter acronym or anything else besides JDE. This will ensure your new tasks will never run into any duplicate numbers using the JDE prefix.

Let us know if you need any navigational help with your Navigator!  

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