Ask Denovo - Have You Copied PD Lately?

The advent of UDOs meant end users began taking control of their interactions with JDE, building their own Grids, Queries, Personalizations, Cafe1's, and even Composed Pages. We have seen many companies embrace UDOs which is wonderful and amazing! Unfortunately, what we are finding is these UDOs are only being created in production environments.

This means if a user is asked to test something in a lower environment, they will not have all of their UDOs available, thus making their experience less time-efficient and sometimes less successful (thinking there is a problem when it is simply the lack of their own UDOs helping them).   

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to combat this. Simply do a full environment copy - data AND objects from PD down to PY and even DV. Easy as that!

NOTE: The only good time to do this is during a development freeze when you know there are no objects being modified, no ESUs partially deployed, and no internal projects depending on the data and objects in those lower environments.  

Let us know if you would like help with this endeavor in your system!

We at Denovo want you to get the most out of your Oracle investment, and we hope this series will help with that.

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