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In Release 23 with the quarterly update from April, Oracle has hand-delivered AP Voucher Approval Workflow! This is quite amazing because Denovo has helped many companies using JDE with variations of a voucher approval process. Before you cancel your 3rd party licenses, let's cover what "approval" and "out of the box" means for this new functionality:

  1. Approvals are setup at the Supplier-level with amounts.  
  2. The standard Distribution List application is used for the Approval setup.This means it includes all the bells and whistles the standard Distribution List has such as escalations and effectivity dates, thus ensuring no voucher remains behind.
  3. The newly improved Workflows are maintained in Orchestrator. "Out of the box" assumes you have Orchestrator installed.

This is a link to one of Oracle's announcements from last month.

Denovo has had the privilege of demonstrating this to a few customers. If you'd like a demo, let us know!

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