Denovo at Ascend 2021

OATUG and OHUG are hosting the annual Ascend 2021 conference at The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL next week. There are hundreds of sessions on the docket covering E-Business Suite (EBS), ERP Cloud, and more. Denovo will present The Pitfalls to Avoid when Moving e-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on Tuesday, August 17th at 4:30 pm ET. The session will be hosted both online in the conference app and in-person in rooms 312 and 313 of the South Tower.

Join Oracle’s Master Principal Cloud Architect, Eric Thanvi, and Denovo’s Sr. Solution Architect, Dennis Bautista as they cover common pitfalls we have seen organizations run into when transitioning their E-Business Suite to Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure. We will share tangible, real-world examples of costly mistakes made, as well as success stories where the transition was handled properly.

One example would be deciding to move to the cloud without involving the business’ leadership. While moving to a cloud infrastructure is typically a good move from a technical standpoint, organizations should always account for its impact on their business users. Also, IT resource planning can often go significantly underestimated. Organizations that look at a move to the cloud as a method for reducing headcount may also be sorely mistaken. Just because your infrastructure is no longer in your server room doesn’t mean the resources that used to service them should be eliminated. By retooling these assets, you can focus on more strategic initiatives and keep your business moving forward.

Other areas for consideration include licensing, architecture, operations, optimization, and most of all, security. So stop by in person or online to hear how you can avoid these common pitfalls and more during your transition. Be sure to add the Pitfalls to Avoid when Moving E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure session to your calendar in the conference app, so you don’t miss out. We look forward to seeing you there!