Ask Denovo - Café1 Series Part III: Working with a Cafe1

Now that you have a Cafe1 created on your application, there are some useability features to show you. 

When you've first created and saved a Cafe1, by default it will display. If you don't wish to see the Cafe1, you can choose the Layout dropdown to "No Layout":

You can also minimize the single frame by clicking this icon in the red box:

Then the Cafe1 will appear as a tab on the right side of the application like this:

Clicking on this tab will reopen the Cafe1.

To edit an existing Cafe1, reopen the Edit Layout and choose the Cafe1 page. On the Frame, click on this icon to open that single Frame’s options:

Then click on this Edit icon to make changes, noting that you can’t change the Application, Version, Form, or Personal Form as these are part of the Cafe1’s “key” fields:

Cafe1 Part IV coming soon will include a recording on how to create URL Cafe1’s which use elements of JDE data to build out the actual website links! Stay tuned!

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