Ask Denovo - JDE Budgeting vs OracleCloud EPM

Almost every client we've worked with has expressed a desire for JDE to have a better Budgeting tool, especially one with automated routing for creating, changing, approving, and loading the budgets for their organizations.

Unfortunately, JDE doesn't have this full Budgeting cycle available out of the box. But fear not! Using Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is definitely worth considering as a good "bolt-on solution"  

To that end, I wanted to share this helpful high-level video EPM from Oracle. Specifically for OracleCloud EPM, how it integrates with JDE, and how it is a great complement to your existing JDE footprint:

Want to learn more about EPM solutions? Let us know if you'd like to schedule a demo!


We at Denovo want you to get the most out of your Oracle investment, and we hope this series will help with that.

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