Ask Denovo - Balance Sheet Lessee Accounting - Are You Using JDE Yet?

Welcome back to our blog series: Ask Denovo! This week's question: "I keep hearing about Lessee Accounting in JDE, but I don't know much about it. Can I even use it with my current licensing?"

Great question!

Oracle recently did a "refresher" webinar discussing the Balance Sheet Lessee Accounting functionality in JDE. Check out the Denovo video below, which steps through a "Day in the Life" to see if you may be interested in using Lessee Accounting in JDE:

And in case you didn't know, it's free! Oracle includes this in the General Accounting license if you are recording leases where your company is the Lessee. (If you wish to record leases where you are the Lessor, this does require Real Estate Management licensing to implement the full Lease Accounting functionality.)

Also, for those who may have held off due to not having any canned reports, your wait is over! Oracle released its first Lessee Accounting report for Current vs. Long Term Leases this past March. The new UBE creates auto-reversing journal entries for financial reporting and an output with the details of the "split". This new R15190 used to be available as a stand-alone ESU for 9.2, but now its superseded ESU, JN19917, shows prerequisites.

ESU Details

There are a couple new ESU's introduced, so be sure to check this Oracle doc for all of the details.


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