Ask Denovo - 2022 US Payroll Year-End Update

It's that time of year again! Year-end payroll processing season is officially upon us. I don't know about you, but if there is something I do only once a year, I tend to need a refresher! Imagine you only drove your car once a year. I'm pretty sure getting behind the wheel would force you to take a few extra minutes to get that muscle memory back. Oracle knows this is the case, because thankfully they provide year-end update webcasts every year. Thanks, Oracle!

I attended Oracle's "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 2022 US Payroll Year-End Process How to Have a Successful Reporting Season" Webcast last Thursday (12/5). The presenter stepped through the payroll year-end checklist, showed examples of screens and forms, and provided helpful reference material. As for the technical aspect, the first ESU has already been made available (JN20062), and the second ESU will be delivered in January which typically has any electronic filing-related updates you might need. (MOS Doc ID #743162.1 has all the ESU information so you can keep an eye on those updates there.)

Here is the recording in Doc ID #2895156.2. I highly recommend reviewing this as a great refresher before jumping into your year-end processing, and hope it helps lead to a smooth wrap on your 2022 payroll!


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