Exciting News: JDE E1 Tools Release - GA

Hello current and future Denovo customers!  We are excited about the recent announcement from Oracle for the JDE E1 tools release, GA as of April 8th.   Oracle continues to invest in building more robust functionality with the native toolset as well as keeping the product current with certified operating systems and DB.   We wanted to share some highlights from this most recent tool release:

  • Windows 2019 is now supported for the Web Server, Enterprise Server and DB server

(not yet for the Deployment server)

  • Additional platform certifications include:
    • Oracle DB 19c
    • IBM AIX (32 bit)
    • HP-UX (32 bit)
    • Oracle WebLogic
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • Orchestrator can now call a JDE BSFN direct, you can use Business Function as a Custom Request type, enabling inputs and outputs
  • A new tool has been provided to debug orchestrations. A ‘Debug’ button has been added on the Run Orchestrations page.  This will execute an interactive debugger to be applied at any point during execution.
  • Form Extensibility Features (to be applied to all versions of an application)
    • Hide and unhide form controls
    • Rename the labels on form controls
    • Static labels

The new form extension functionality allows a change for a specific form to be applied to all the versions of the application, allow an easier process for making a more ‘global’ change.

We hope that you find this information useful as you consider your next tools or apps upgrade.