Denovo Increases Employee Benefits Offerings for 2020

employee benefits

Denovo, the leader in managed ERP services, is pleased to announce that they have increased the offerings of their employee benefits package while lowering the overall cost. This will help employees have easier and more affordable access to improved services and care.

As part of an ongoing effort to continue to improve the focus on employees and their well-being, Denovo has lowered employee contribution costs and added new services to their benefits package. Employees can now take advantage of an automated system and app solution to manage their benefits online. The app eliminates the need to carry plastic insurance cards and provides quick and easy access to a medical concierge, a telemedicine service, as well as coverage information.

“Denovo is committed to the ongoing care and well-being of our employees,” says CFO David MacGrandle. “We’re excited to offer our employees the increased benefits package coupled with the lowered contribution costs. We feel that an investment in our employees is an investment into the future of our company.”

The lowered cost and increase in benefits are just two of the many ways that Denovo looks after the well-being of their employees. They also invest heavily in education, training, and team-building exercises that give their employees the experience, know-how, and tools they need to solve tough challenges and improve their internal skillsets.

About Denovo

Denovo is a managed services provider that delivers business value with custom-built solutions to manage and improve business infrastructure. They provide the services, software, and expertise for clients to simplify and scale their business. They accomplish this by leveraging over 30 years of expertise and software-driven solutions that help companies focus on innovation.


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