APTIM Keeps the Lights On for Their Customers with Denovo’s Managed Disaster Recovery Service

APTIM has an essential business need to ensure their critical business systems are always available. The company wants to focus on their business and their customers. APTIM collaborated with Denovo to provide a Managed Disaster Recovery (MDR) Availability solution built on IBM Power for their JD Edwards Enterprise One application.

“Denovo delivered an Oracle JD Edwards solution engineered to protect our data at the transaction level with complete application availability in a failover. With Denovo managing the complete process for us, our IT staff can focus on other corporate initiatives. We are not in the business of Disaster Recovery. By partnering with Denovo, we advanced our Enterprise One recovery times and completely minimized data loss. Recently, we had two internal tests and one customer facing test. Denovo delivered an RPO of 3 minutes with an RTO=1.1 hours. This was significantly better than we were able to achieve on our own.” Jason Coursey, Sr. Director Business Systems, APTIM

Denovo quickly demonstrated the value of a managed solution to protect APTIM’s business. Denovo now delivers a fully managed solution for two of APTIM’s JD Edwards environments (World and Enterprise One). Today APTIM’s entire JD Edwards user community can expect repeatable failover of their systems in the wake of any disaster.

“A comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution is a key part of an IT strategy to maximize uptime of critical business systems. We value our partnership with APTIM and are pleased to provide a solution that enables them to focus on their business.” Marty Snella, Chief Executive Officer, Denovo

For organizations that need near real-time recovery and application availability, Denovo offers fully managed solutions proven in over 22 Computer room and FEMA disaster events. The company uses advanced technologies to replicate data from your company to the Denovo Private Cloud located in a separate, geographic FEMA region. The solution undergoes testing multiple times throughout the year, actively monitored 24×7 for system availability, and provides application availability during any disaster.

“We see a measurable trend in business today towards improved data availability and protection that allows companies like APTIM to stay connected with their users while mitigating risk”. Our customers have come to depend on Denovo to deliver Business Continuity for their JD Edwards business users in the wake of any FEMA event or Data Center failure.” Richard Dolewski, General Manager, Managed Disaster Recovery, Denovo

APTIM specializes in engineering, program management, environmental services, disaster recovery, complex facility maintenance, and construction services. With 10,000 employees in 80 locations across the globe, APTIM is a partner and relentless advocate to clients in government, oil, gas, chemical, industrial, commercial, and power. Whether it is safeguarding and maintaining critical power infrastructure, helping communities recover from natural disasters, enabling our armed forces and first responders, or transforming landfills into public parks, we go to work each day knowing that we are making an impact on the world.

About Denovo
Established in 2003, Denovo Ventures, LLC is a full-service Enterprise Hosting/Cloud Computing, Ap-plication Managed Services, Managed Disaster Recovery and Professional Services firm with extensive expertise in designing, implementing and supporting enterprise software. Denovo has provided services to over 1,500 customers. Denovo delivers bundled solutions from their enterprise data centers located in the United States or through several public cloud environments. As the most experienced mid-market Oracle Platinum Partner, Denovo’s team of over 300 Oracle resources have a combined 3,600+ years of Oracle experience. This includes successfully completing JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle ERP Cloud implementation projects for a wide variety of commercial and public-sector clients. The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. For more information on who Denovo is, please visit our website at https://denovo-us.com/.