JD Edwards Private Cloud

Protect Your Privacy and Your Bottom Line

Host your JD Edwards ERP and enterprise applications in Denovo's private data center. Choose either a multi-tenant approach or separate software licenses and your own database.

A Game-Changing Way to Handle Your Enterprise ERP

Denovo is the first company to introduce an on-demand, cloud-based solution available for JD Edwards, Oracle's best-selling ERP suite for SMB/SMG customers. This service, available on a subscription basis, provides all-inclusive access with support and performance guarantees.

  • Save up to 50% compared to on-premise hosting1
  • Seamless updates and patches with all customizations carried through
  • Dedicated implementation, fully managed services and application support
  • Access to best-of-breed applications and resources

Private Cloud Hosting Plans

  1. Multi-tenancy

    Share software licenses, servers and database space with multiple businesses. This allows you to pay for only the resources that you use and to have the freedom to consume as many resources as you need. Simply pay on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  2. Subscription

    You receive a single license (or instance) of the software application. Your data is stored in your own databases, separate from other clients' information. The subscription model provides a greater level of ownership and control of the data in your systems while still allowing you to pay for only the computing resources you use with access to as many resources as you need.

An Elastic Data Center Means More Savings and Flexibility

We call our data center "elastic" because it gives you the ability to expand and contract your resource usage effortlessly. You pay for only the resources you need and can increase or decrease resources as necessary, using an online portal that is accessible anywhere in the world from your computer, tablet or smartphone. This model eliminates huge capital expenses and ongoing costs for maintaining equipment you don't use, so you have more money to spend on R&D, people, marketing and whatever makes your business grow.


1 Businesses often save between 25% and 50% compared to on-premise ERP solutions over a 5- to 7-year period. Source: Nicholas Carr. The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google. W. W. Norton & Company. Jan. 17, 2008.

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