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"In the Denovo culture, we hold ourselves accountable, both individually, and as a company. We align ourselves, our organization, and our solutions with this ideal. By doing so we not only help our clients manage change, we ensure mutual business success. Our mantra is simple; 'We Do as We Promise'"

Mark Goedde, Denovo, President

Who We Are

Denovo is a full service application and technology consulting firm committed to making clients operationally stronger. Through the success of providing innovative solutions to our clients Denovo expanded its technology and business solutions to include Outsourcing and Cloud Computing. We combine world-class enterprise system implementation, integration and cloud services expertise with a deep understanding of business processes and industry best practices to build better business solutions. We have a strong heritage in tier one enterprise and third party software implementations. Our team of over 120 highly experienced Oracle / JD Edwards consultants and industry leading Process Before Technology™ methodology provide a proven, cost-effective combination to deliver solutions that drive better business results.

Client Focused

Our value proposition is about you. We want to help you serve your clients better. We want to make you more competitive. We want to make your company more efficient and operationally stronger. We focus on people and process first, software and technology second to ensure we are jointly developing solutions that are aligned with your business objectives.

Our client-focused approach and ability to deliver better business solutions are the reason people do business with us. This collaborative approach fits the reality of business today. Competition is tough. Budgets are tight. Timing is critical. We answer today's challenges by working with you to build innovative, agile, efficient enterprise solutions. So whether you are implementing a new software module, upgrading your current systems, undertaking a large-scale technology project, or developing new cloud computing strategies - Denovo can help. Our dedication to our clients has made us a trusted advisor to some of the world's leading commercial and public sector organizations. Fundamentally, it's about working with you to improve business operations and performance. We listen, innovate, and then deliver comprehensive business solutions.

The Denovo Advantage

It's the way we do business. It's our people and our culture. It's the way we take care of our clients and the way we concentrate on business solutions and cost of ownership. It's the richness of our solutions and the professionalism of our services. It's about our integrity, reliability and quality.

The Denovo advantage is centered on the "Quality of the Client Experience", QCE. In today's tough economic climate, retaining and growing our relationships with our existing clients is job number one. Our People realize that our clients are judging us on the quality of their experience, from requirement definition and solution analysis through implementation, delivery, documentation and ongoing support. That's why we focus on delivering solutions that ensure our clients experience is the best-in-class. At end of each project we ask our clients to complete our QCE Scorecard; to ensure a quality client experience and continually improve our performance. All these things together are the reasons that people do business with Denovo.

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